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What Benefits am I Entitled to—Part 1 Specific Loss

What Benefits am I Entitled to—Part 1 Specific Loss

In Workers’ Compensation, injured workers are entitled to two main types of benefits: lost wages and medical care. However, there are many other benefits, which many injured workers may not be aware of. Among these benefits are specific loss benefits; compensation for the loss, or loss of use, of a body part, loss of sight or hearing, or a scar to the head or neck. Specific loss benefits are awarded as a number of weeks of the injured workers compensation rate.

For a scar on the head or neck, the Judge will view the scar in person, and, based on her view of the scar and experience, will award benefits of a number of weeks, up to 275. Different Judges will have different opinions as to the value of a scar, which is why representation by a qualified, experienced attorney is crucial in ensuring a fair outcome.

For the loss of use of a body part, or sight or hearing, the law specifies a certain number of weeks for each body part based on how severe the impairment. An attorney can ensure that you do not settle your case for less than you deserve.

If you have suffered a loss of a body part, or other catastrophic injury, you have enough to worry about. Let an Abes Baumann Attorney worry about your benefits, while you worry about healing.