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A Workers’ Late Notice of the Employer’s Uninsured Status Limits Both Medical and Wage Loss Benefits

A Workers’ Late Notice of the Employer’s Uninsured Status Limits Both Medical and Wage Loss Benefits

In a recent Commonwealth Court Case, the Court held that if an injured worker fails to notify the Uninsured Employers Guaranty Fund (Fund) within 45 days after the injured worker knows that the employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance, the Fund is NOT obligated to provide “compensation” from the date of the injury, but Read More

What Benefits am I Entitled to—Part 4 Medical Benefits

When injured at work, an injured worker is entitled to have all of their medical expenses covered by their employer or the employer’s insurance carrier. This includes all medical expenses. The injured worker is not liable for co-pays or any out of pocket expenses. The employer or their insurance carrier must pay for all reasonable Read More

Who Chooses my Doctor for a Work Injury?

If you have been injured at work it’s possible that your employer, or its workers’ compensation insurance carrier, have instructed you to treat with one particular doctor. Many injured workers believe that they must treat with the doctor to whom they are sent. However, this is not the case. The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act permits Read More

NFL Concussion Settlement

A Federal Court has approved the Settlement of the Class Action Lawsuit filed by former NFL players against the National Football League. These former players, now retired, filed suite accusing the NFL for damages for not informing them that they may have possible brain injuries and consequences of same. The settlement discussions were long and Read More

Dealing with Panel Doctors

Many employers set up so-called panels of medical providers to treat injured workers for work related injuries. Under the new Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation act if an employer sets up a list of at least six healthcare providers the injured worker has to treat with a provider on that list for the first 90 days of Read More