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VAMC Altoona Refused to Face Its Problems

VAMC Altoona Refused to Face Its Problems

Nearly everyone has heard about the problems at VA Hospitals. For the past ten years, it seems as if there is a new story about wait times, fraudulent record keeping, malpractice, or covering for bad doctors. We should be immune to it by now. But, as a veteran and an attorney representing veterans, some of Read More


The budget proposed by the President increases the VA’s budget by 6%, but it also proposes to cut unemployability benefits for many veterans. Veterans rated at least 60% and unable to work because of their service‑connected disabilities can receive a rating of 100%. These are called Unemployability Benefits. Under this proposed budget, at age 62 Read More

PTSD–Discharging the Problem

A recent report by the Government Accountability Office found that the military may be discharging veteran’s with problems instead of helping them. In this study, 2/3 of the discharges between 2011 and 2015 involved troops with PTSD, TBI, or other conditions. All of which are known to lead behavioral problems. Unfortunately, the military leadership has Read More

Filing a Notice of Disagreement with the VA

Before March 24, 2015, if veterans want to appeal a Rating Decision they just had to send something in writing to VA saying that they were not satisfied with the decision and wanted to contest it. On March 24, 2015, new rules, written by the VA, went into effect. Under these rules, if veterans want Read More

Did You Serve with the 911th Aeromedical Evacuation or Aircraft Maintenance Squadrons or the 758th Airlift Squadron Between 1972-1982?

If you served with one of these units from 1972-1982, you may qualify for VA Benefits. The VA now recognizes that if you operated, maintained, or served aboard a C-123 aircraft known to have sprayed Agent Orange- you were exposed to Agent Orange. This means that you may be eligible for compensation if you suffer Read More

Veterans’ Survivors Benefits and the Disabled Child

How can a disabled child of a deceased military veteran receive the veteran’s Survival Benefits and still be eligible for Supplemental Security Income and other public benefits based upon financial need? Until now, a disabled child of a deceased veteran could receive the veteran’s Survivor Benefits, but they would be counted as income when determining Read More

Did you drink the water at Lejeune?

In 2012 Congress passed a law recognizing that the water at Camp Lejeune was contaminated from August 1, 1953 to December 31, 1987. This law allowed the VA to pay for medical treatment for certain health problems caused by the water. The law did not allow the VA to pay any service-connected compensation for these Read More

Military Burn Pit Exposure

Many Iraq/Afghanistan veterans were exposed to toxic chemicals from burn pits. Burn pits were used to dispose of many items that gave off harmful chemicals when burned. These chemicals include some of the same chemicals found in Agent Orange. Veterans returning from Iraq/Afghanistan may find that they have lung problems or other health problems that they did not have Read More

Treatment for Female Vets Lagging Behind

A new report released by the Disabled American Veterans reveals that female veterans are being seriously under served by the VA.  There are serious gaps in service in all areas of the VA:  health care, job training, housing, and social issues.  Although the number of female veterans seeking health care in the VA system has Read More


If you have a combined rating of 60% or higher you may be able to obtain a rating of 100% by showing that your service-connected disabilities keep you from working. This benefit is called total disability due to individual unemployability (TDIU). If your combined rating is 60% and all the disabilities are from the same cause or Read More