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Impairment Rating Evaluations (Insurance Company Cutting Your Benefits)

Impairment Rating Evaluations (Insurance Company Cutting Your Benefits)

Even if you win your case, Workers’ Compensation Benefits are not a lifetime guarantee. The insurance company may try to limit your benefits with the Impairment Rating Evaluation (IRE). An IRE is a physical examination. A doctor determines your level of disability on a scale from 0 to 100. After receiving 104 weeks of benefits, Read More

What Benefits am I Entitled to—Part 1 Specific Loss

In Workers’ Compensation, injured workers are entitled to two main types of benefits: lost wages and medical care. However, there are many other benefits, which many injured workers may not be aware of. Among these benefits are specific loss benefits; compensation for the loss, or loss of use, of a body part, loss of sight Read More

120 and 3—The Two Most Important Numbers in Workers’ Compensation

Everyone makes mistakes. Thousands throughout our lives. Most end up causing little to no harm. These mistakes are often beneficial as the damage caused is outweighed by the lesson learned. Some mistakes are more severe. Some can never be undone. In Pennsylvania, if you are injured at work, 120 days and 3 years are two Read More