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Cautionary Tale of the Trojan Horse

Cautionary Tale of the Trojan Horse

Many of us are familiar with the tale of the Trojan Horse. Achilles and his soldiers, in order to defeat Troy and obtain access to their kingdom, created a Trojan Horse and wheeled it up to the gates of Troy. Inside of the horse, Achilles and his soldiers waited for the Trojans to wheel the Trojan Horse through their impenetrable walls. Once inside the walls, they slipped out and defeated their enemy.

We often advise our clients to beware of insurance companies bearing gifts. Insurance carriers and their adjusters will often display what would appear to be wonderful acts of kindness to injured workers. They may offer to have a nurse come with you to your examinations. They may tell you that they are looking out for your best interests and offer you what they say is a very fair settlement.

These “gifts” from insurance carriers are most times nothing more than a Trojan Horse. They try to earn your trust and allow you to lower your guard at which time you find yourself out of benefits or back to work before you are physically ready.

We caution injured workers from being fooled by insurance carriers and their Trojan Horse tactics. Please feel free to contact our firm and talk to an attorney for free about your workers’ compensation case and “friendly” insurance adjusters.