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Congratulations Eric Abes

Congratulations Eric Abes

Formed in 1981, the National Football League Players Association Workers’ Compensation Panel is a highly selective group. Following the standards set by General Counsel Richard Berthelsen and the founding members of this panel, the NFLPA carefully chooses workers’ compensation attorneys from each city where there is an NFL franchise. Thus ensuring NFL players have the highest caliber of legal representation for their injuries.

Abes Baumann is pleased to announce that Eric Abes joins Ed Abes and Tom Baumann as a member of this exclusive group. Following in his father’s footsteps—Ed being one of the original members of this panel—Eric is excited to be recognized as one of this year’s new members.

Eric already brings a wealth of experience to the practice of representing professional athletes. As a former infantryman in the 82nd Airborne Division, he understands playing hurt. He understands what it means to be a member of a team and push through pain to support the team. He understands how enthusiasm for the team can drive you to push too far and damage your body.

As a law clerk, Eric assisted with devastating personal injury cases, where he learned about injuries and medical procedure.

This new appointment acknowledges the excellent work he has done to help injured players in all professional sports for the last four plus years. Now, as a full-fledged panel member, Eric will participate in the annual 3-day NFLPA seminars to learn the latest developments in workers’ compensation law and sports medicine as it pertains to professional athletes. He will be able to tap into this resource of experienced experts in the field of Workers’ Compensation for Professional Athletes. He attended his first seminar earlier this month in Austin, Texas, where he was formally welcomed into this exclusive fellowship of professional athletes’ workers’ compensation attorneys.

Eric is to be congratulated on this big achievement!