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Ever Jump from a Perfectly Good Airplane?

Ever Jump from a Perfectly Good Airplane?

While soldiers will do anything to help a buddy, they often neglect helping themselves. Especially when it comes to seeking medical care. Soldiers are part of a hyper-macho environment where weakness really does have dire consequences. Therefore, any appearance of weakness is not exactly met with enthusiasm.

Soldiers will often tough out even severe injuries instead of appearing weak. This is especially true of elite soldiers: Paratroopers, Rangers, Seals, PJs, Special Forces, etc. The problem is, all of these elite soldiers’ jobs makes them more susceptible to injury, especially jumping out of airplanes.

Fortunately, for many of the conditions caused by jumping, the VA is accepting the mere fact that the soldiers jumped out of airplanes as rationale for disability for many conditions.

If you have problems with your back or knees, or anything else you think might have been caused by jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, contact an Abes Baumann attorney today.