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Pennsylvania fatal accident takes the lives of 3 people

Pennsylvania fatal accident takes the lives of 3 people

When on Pennsylvania roads, drivers are expected to obey all traffic laws, including speed limits.

Pennsylvania motorcycle accident caused by texting, 1 dead

Motorcycle crashes are often among the most devastating and horrific accidents in Pennsylvania. When there are aggravating circumstances involved, the devastation can be even greater and can lead to serious injury or loss of life.

Automobile negligence leaves 1 dead, 2 injured

When we get behind the wheel of a vehicle, we take on a wide range of responsibilities to our passengers and those with whom we share the road.

Pennsylvania motorcycle accident results in man’s death

A Pennsylvania motorcycle accident has resulted in a man’s death. The crash happened when his bike crashed into another car.

Fawn car accident kills 1, injures 3 others

A 67-year-old Pennsylvania woman recently lost her life in a sobering Allegheny County car accident. Another woman and three young children were also injured in the wreck.

Fatal accident leads to Pennsylvania wrongful death claim

In an update to a story first covered on the blog on July 18, the family of a Pennsylvania police officer has filed a lawsuit against the restaurant that served alcohol to the driver who crashed into and killed him.

Bicyclist dies after Pittsburgh car accident

After a deadly hit-and-run accident on Pittsburgh’s East End, one advocate is calling for changes to the road where the accident happened.

Grieving family files wrongful death suit in Pennsylvania

A grieving widow and her family have filed a lawsuit after losing both her husband and her sister-in-law in a horrific Pennsylvania car crash last year.

Fatal accident kills Pennsylvania police officer

A deadly accident took the life of a Pennsylvania police officer on Sunday, July 8. The fatal accident happened on I-95 when the officer was riding home early that morning after a work shift. What resulted was a tragedy that no one ever hopes to experience. Another vehicle was on the road at the same time, but Read More

Fatal accident claims life of Patterson Township woman

A fatal accident can occur at any time, changing lives forever.