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Pennsylvania motorcycle accident caused by texting, 1 dead

Pennsylvania motorcycle accident caused by texting, 1 dead

Motorcycle crashes are often among the most devastating and horrific accidents in Pennsylvania. When there are aggravating circumstances involved, the devastation can be even greater and can lead to serious injury or loss of life.

Pennsylvania motorcycle accident results in man’s death

A Pennsylvania motorcycle accident has resulted in a man’s death. The crash happened when his bike crashed into another car.

Pennsylvania motorcycle accident victim still in hospital

The victim of a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident remains hospitalized with serious injuries.

Several fatalities occurred in Pennsylvania car accident

Pennsylvania police are investigating a car accident that killed several people recently.

Pittsburgh motorcycle accident leaves man critically injured

A motorcycle accident in Pittsburgh has left a cyclist critically injured. The crash caused a huge traffic gridlock while authorities attempted to determine exactly what happened.

Motorcycle accident outside Pittsburgh leaves 1 seriously injured

A motorcycle accident can be a common occurrence on Pennsylvania roads, and sometimes those accidents end in serious injury or even death.

Pittsburgh officer suffers workplace injury after car crash

Some career fields are more inherently dangerous than others, and have the potential to place workers in situations that could result in a workplace injury.

Fatal accident takes the life of Washington County fireman

A fatal accident took the life of a local firefighter and deputy constable. The tragedy occurred on Route 18 near Sycamore Lane in North Franklin Township in the early morning hours of April 3. The 55-year-old motorcycle rider was heading north when he was hit by a southbound pickup that was passing a garbage truck. Read More