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Workers’ compensation may be available in Pennsylvania accident

Workers’ compensation may be available in Pennsylvania accident

A motorist’s driving ability should be adequate enough to operate a car safely when he or she is behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Pennsylvania workers’ compensation okay, even with disclaimer

Pennsylvania workers may be interested in a recent case involving a worker, a workers’ compensation disclaimer and the state’s Supreme Court.

A Pennsylvania work accident stressful in any industry

Like anyone in Pennsylvania, celebrities, musicians and athletes must deal with the possibility of becoming ill or injures.

Work accident ends the life of Pennsylvania mechanic

Each and every Pennsylvania workplace has its own inherent risks and hazards. Some types of employment pose a greater risk to the health and safety of workers than others.

Pennsylvania man falls to his death in work accident

OSHA has stepped in to investigate the death of a Pennsylvania man who died in a work accident.

Work accident kills Pennsylvania officer; Victim’s wife pregnant

A Pennsylvania police officer is being mourned after he was fatally shot while pursuing a suspect.

Pittsburgh officer suffers workplace injury after car crash

Some career fields are more inherently dangerous than others, and have the potential to place workers in situations that could result in a workplace injury.

How will health law affect Pittsburgh workers’ compensation?

In June, the Supreme Court ruled to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Nonresident workers can get Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation for injuries incurred in this state

There has been an influx of workers from out-of-state working in the gas fields of Pennsylvania in the Marcellus shale boom.

Work accident sends 2 Pennsylvania employees to the hospital

When on-the-job injuries occur, workers are often entitled to seek workers’ compensation to pay for medical costs and cover lost wages.